2023 PEMSEA Field School Blogs

  • From the Director’s Desk: End-of-the-Field Blog

    Dr. Stephen AcabadoUCLA CSEASTuesday, July 11 As we wind down the PEMSEA Archaeological Fieldschool, we hope that we’re able to contribute to network-building, the training of the next generation of […]

  • PEMSEA Field School Blog 2023: Day 3

    Anne Margarett MollPartido State UniversitySaturday, June 24 Today was mapping day! We began the day by building a deeper connection with the area, by roaming around and drawing our own […]

  • PEMSEA Field School Blog 2023: Day 2

    Angela EstradaUCLA Class of 2023, Anthropology Major, Community Engagement and Social Change Minor On our first day in Siem Reap we were welcomed with a delicious seafood and pork rice […]